Sperm Whale 101

Moby Dick was a sperm whale and it was portrayed as an evil thing which sank ships and killed sailors. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sperm whales are not dangerous to people as they don’t attack ships or swallow sailors.

The largest toothed and most abundantly found whales on the planet, the sperm whale spends most of their time in the depths of the water.

These magnificent sea creatures can hold their breath for more than an hour and go 6000 feet below the water surface to feed on giant sea squids and fishes.

In a sperm whale attack, giant squids use their sharp hooks to dig into the whales, giving them life-long scars. But the sperm whale swallow all of a 40 feet long squid into their stomachs. These whales don’t need their jaws to mangle their prey as they just gobble them up entirely.

These 60-foot long mammals use comprehensive buzzes, clicking sounds and even squeaks that spell doom for their prey.